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      Tooling Equipment List

      Due to strong mold tooling capacity and wide mold tooling range, Sino success among the fierce mold tooling supplier and is always the special one who challenge the world leading mold tooling capacity, first class quality standard and latest mold technology skills.

      Sino imported European tooling equipment to gain high precision molding tooling effect and therefore, keeps the best position of high quality China mold maker. Sino strict quality control system also thanks to the CMM equipment that can give fine data feedback for each tooling finished components and insert. See the process inspection report, you can understand Sino quality and in case the components are not reaching the tooling tolerance standard, it will be either re-tooling or changed to new parts.

      To meet high condition requirement of gas assistant molds, two color and over molding project, SINO has also gas assistant injection equipment and automatic robot, as well as two-color injection molding machines. This is the great advantage for the customer to check the condition of the mold upon order of special technology solutions. Send your enquiry or ask for consultant to SINO team.

      mould tooling equipment - CNC Machine Tool
      mould tooling equipment - High Performance Milling
      mould tooling equipment - CNC Milling
      mould tooling equipment – EDM
      Equipment Name Model Sets Supplier/ orgin
      Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspector 10.25.08 1 Hexagon Metrology Co., Ltd
      Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine Infinitr 2.0 2 Hexagon Metrology Co., Ltd
      Multifunction Horizontal CNC Deep Hole DHD 1007-10S 1 Worldwide Industrial Machinery Ltd
      Wire-Cut EDM CA20 3 Agiecharmilles
      Hole Drilling EDM SA30 3 Agiecharmilles
      Wire cut Normal Wire EDM 12 Taiwan China
      Slow Wire cut Sodick Precise Wire Cutting 2 Japan Sodick
      EDM Normal EDM 12 Taiwan China
      Mirror EDM Precision EDM 4 Japan Sodick
      CNC Vertical Machining Centers VB-2516 2 Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd
      CNC Vertical Machining Centers VB-4026 2 Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd
      CNC Milling Center Max: 6000*3000*2200
      Min: 1000*8500*450
      High Performance Milling Center 5 axis:800*700*600 1 Germany/DMG
      High Performance Milling Center 3+2axis: 3000*1600*1200
      3axis: 1500*1000*750
      Grinding Machine Big Precise Grinding Machine
      Small Digital Grinding Machine
      Taiwan China
      Mould Pressure Machine 320T
      Injection Machine from 50T-4000T PC/PET/PP/ABS/PVC 50 China
      Injection Machine Bi-color molding machine 5 China
      gas assistant injection equipment 6lines gas assistant
      injection molding
      1 China